Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought


CRITIQUE draws together scholars from across Schools and Colleges at University of Edinburgh in a dynamic hub for ethical and critical analysis of urgent social challenges such as climate change, economic exploitation, racial segregation, gender oppression, and political violence.

Deeply committed to methodological pluralism, its members deploy a variety of methodological approaches to political and social theory, ranging from analytic philosophical methods to genealogy, from history of political thought to immanent critique, from feminist and critical race theoretical methodologies to legal analysis.

Work produced at the Centre contributes to the excellent intellectual environment of the university and aims to intervene effectively in public debates.   

Thematically, we build on three interrelated and mutually sustaining pillars, around which we will stimulate interdisciplinary and experimental conversations: Ethics, Critique and Praxis. 

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This pillar invites reflection on the ethical dimensions of contemporary political and social phenomena, agents and institutions, deploying methodologies inspired by the analytical philosophical tradition.

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This pillar encompasses critical theoretical research that is historically and sociologically informed.

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This pillar focuses all members’ attention on the imperative of translating their theoretical work beyond the walls of the university and academia more generally.