November 19, 2021

DELC-CRITIQUE Seminar: Crisis as an Art of Government – 18 November 2021, 2 pm

A DELC-CRITIQUE seminar with Dario Gentili on his latest book, The Age of Precarity: Endless Crisis as an Art of Government (Verso, 2021). Gentili explores the question: if crisis is the norm, how do we demand change? He identifies precariousness as the form of life that characterises crisis understood as an art of government, and asks, if crisis is an art of government, how can we create political alternatives?

Speaker: Dario Gentili (University of Roma Tre)

Respondents: Nicola Perugini (University of Edinburgh),  Kate Jones (King’s College), Federico Luisetti (University of St Gallen), Nadia Picon (SciencesPo Paris), and Elisa Vivaldi (University of Pisa)

Moderator: Federica G Pedriali (Edinburgh University)

The event will take place on Microsoft Teams. Click here to join!