December 29, 2021

CRITIQUE-King’s College Joint Roundtable: Fail Again, Fail Better? Utopia, Memory, Radical Politics, and Radical Research – 17-18 March 2022

These virtual roundtables, organised by Mathias Thaler (Politics and IR, Edinburgh) and Davina Cooper (Law School, King’s College), will be run as informal, open conversations on the relationship between utopian thinking and practice, on the one hand, and failure, on the other.


17th of March – 9:30-11:30am GMT 

  • Sixtine Van Outryve d’Ydewalle: This Is The End? Failing at the Elections for a Municipalist Strategy 
  • Heather McKnight: Anticipatory Failure: Sustaining Hope as Collective Care in Digital Campaigning and Online Activist Spaces
  • Cristy Clark & John Page: Reconceptualising “Failure” in the Utopias of the Lawful Forest 
  • Neil Walker: One-Shot Utopias
  • Lee Stickells: TBC

18th of March – 9:30-11:30am GMT 

  • Tom Moylan: Vectors of Utopian Failure
  • Aoife O’Donoghue & Ruth Houghton: Failing Upwards: Utopias, Imperialism & International Law 
  • Mark Schmitt: Letting Be: Pessimist Epistemologies as/and Failed Utopianism.
  • Shona Hunter: TBC
  • Mathias Thaler: Failure and Success in Social Dreaming
Please email Mathias Thaler ( or Davina Cooper ( if you would like to attend.