Past Events

Theory In Sociology, seminar 2: Logics of capitalism and inequality. 12 March 2024

This seminar is the second one in the ‘Theory in Sociology’ series, hosted within CRITIQUE. Our first seminar explored ‘Theorising the Digital’ in October 2023. This seminar proposes to examine the link between inequality and capital accumulation, how we theorise it in our work, and with what potential political implications. […]

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Radical Democracy in Modern Indian Political Thought — CRITIQUE Book Talk with Tejas Parasher– 14 February 2024

Between the 1910s and the 1970s, an eclectic group of Indian thinkers, constitutional reformers, and political activists articulated a theory of robustly democratic, participatory popular sovereignty. Taking parliamentary government and the modern nation-state to be prone to corruption, these thinkers advocated for ambitious federalist projects of popular government as alternatives […]

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The Rebel’s Clinic: The Revolutionary Lives of Frantz Fanon — Book Launch with Adam Shatz | March 18 2024

Book Launch and Discussion with Adam Shatz, in conversation with Dr Nida Alahmad, Lecturer in the Politics and International Relations of the Middle East Chaired by Rhea Gandhi, Phd Candidate in Counselling Studies Hosted by the Edinburgh Center for International and Global Law, CRITIQUE and the Project on Decolonising Counselling and Psychotherapy: Reflections from Psychosocial Perspectives […]

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Border Economies / Capitalist Imaginaries – Victoria Hattam in dialogue with CRITIQUE-SKAPE | March 21 2024

Lecture abstract: How do the contradictory demands of border walls and supply chains co-exist? These two political forces push in opposite directions. Claims to sovereignty try to establish territorial limits while globalization, by definition, is a boundary crossing enterprise. Yet, both are flourishing.  Post-Brexit freeports and Trump’s border wall provide […]

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‘Saving history from the historians’: Historical knowledge production and the claims of political science- Dina Khoury in dialogue with CRITIQUE-MERG | April 3 2024

Lecture abstract: In his presidential address to a combined meeting of the American Historical Association and the American Political Science Association in 1909, James Bryce, then president of the AHA, reflected on the relationship between both. History provided the data for political scientists who then detected general patterns in the […]

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Methods Workshop with Prof Dina Khoury – Capitalism, Race, and Labor: writing histories of labor in the Persian Gulf before oil | April 3 2024

Workshop Description In this workshop we explore with Prof Khoury questions related to historical methods as they appear in her own work. In particular: how to provincialize Europe? How to write histories outside and against the colonial archive?  How to take serious forms of knowledge and narratives that fall outside […]

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