Jared Holley

CRITIQUE Book Launch – Navigating the Polycrisis: Mapping the Futures of Capitalism and the Earth by Michael Albert – 2 May 2024, 4pm

Book Launch: Navigating the Polycrisis: Mapping the Futures of Capitalism and the Earth “The world-system of which we are all a part faces multiple calamities: climate change and mass extinction, energy supply shocks, the economic and existential threat of AI, the chilling rise of far-right populism, and ratcheting geopolitical tensions, […]

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Radical Democracy in Modern Indian Political Thought — CRITIQUE Book Talk with Tejas Parasher– 14 February 2024

Between the 1910s and the 1970s, an eclectic group of Indian thinkers, constitutional reformers, and political activists articulated a theory of robustly democratic, participatory popular sovereignty. Taking parliamentary government and the modern nation-state to be prone to corruption, these thinkers advocated for ambitious federalist projects of popular government as alternatives […]

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Policing Empires–Julian Go in Dialogue with CRITIQUE & RACE.ED–9 May 2024

The police response to protests erupting on America’s streets in recent years has made the militarization of policing painfully transparent. Yet, properly demilitarizing the police requires a deeper understanding of its historical development, causes, and social logics. Policing Empires offers a postcolonial historical sociology of police militarization in Britain and the United […]

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CRITIQUE-PTRG Seminar: Dependent Capitalism and the Paradox of Democratic Founding – 13 May 2024, 3pm

In this pre-red seminar, Prof Inés Valdez (John’s Hopkins) will discuss her paper ‘Dependent Capitalism and the Paradox of Democratic Founding’. Abstract: This paper presents a novel account of the paradox of postcolonial founding. Building upon Marxist dependency theorists Vania Bambirra, Ruy Mauro Marini, and Alvaro López, I diagnose a […]

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Democracy and Empire–Inés Valdez in Dialogue with CRITIQUE & RACE.ED–14 May 2024

Democracy and Empire: Labor, Nature, and the Reproduction of Capitalism (Cambridge UP) theorizes the material bases of popular sovereignty via the Black radical tradition. Popular sovereignty contains an affective attachment to wealth, secured through collective agreements to dominate others, that is, self-and-other-determination. Inés Valdez (Johns Hopkins) expands on racial capitalism by […]

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Resisting Racial Capitalism–Ida Danewid in Dialogue with CRITIQUE-RACE.ED-GENDER.ED–18 January 2024

What does freedom mean without, and despite, the state? In Resisting Racial Capitalism: an Antipolitical Theory of Refusal (Cambridge University Press 2024), political theorist Ida Danewid (Sussex), argues that state power is central to racial capitalism’s violent regimes of extraction and accumulation. Tracing the global histories of four technologies of […]

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