April 12, 2023

CRITIQUE-PTRG Seminar Social Reproduction and Settler Colonialism: Theorising from Palestine – NEW DATE April 5 2023, 3 pm

CRITIQUE – PTRG Seminar with Dr Jemima Repo (Newcastle University).

According to the autonomist Marxist feminist account of primitive accumulation, the twin processes of proletarianization and housewifisation are replicated in colonial contexts on racialised populations. However, settler colonialism does not aim to proletarianise the indigenous population, but rather to remove them from the land. How, then, does social reproduction unfold under settler colonialism? To theorise this further, I examine the colonisation of Palestine. The biopolitical aims of settler colonialism, I argue, can be in tension (rather than harmony) with capitalist imperatives. Moreover, social reproduction is simultaneously a target, effect, and a form of resistance to occupation, adding further layers of complexity to the role and significance of social reproduction in settler colonial societies.

Pre-read, in person seminar, room 3.15 CMB. To receive the paper, please email