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The Political Theory Research Group supports individual and collaborative research projects in key areas of contemporary political theory and history of political thought. Our academic staff and postgraduates engage with colleagues across the University who share interests in political, legal, moral and social theory.


The core members of the group are committed to an inclusive understanding of the field of political theory and its multiple methodologies. Its members have expertise in international contemporary theory (both analytic and critical), history of political thought (anti-colonial, republican and socialist), environmental thought, utopian studies, aesthetics and memory studies.


Our work-in-progress seminars, professional development events, reading group and writing retreats have been well-attended and attracted a variety of colleagues and students from across the university.


In 2020, the group’s members founded the Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought (CRITIQUE) – whose schedule of events integrates the research groups’ main activities.


We nurture a culture of collegiality and support for research at the highest international standards. Our research focuses on several key themes, broadly understood:


International political theory


Environmental political theory


Critical theory


Anti-colonial political thought


Republican thought


Socialist thought


Children’s rights


Political violence


Social epistemology


Arts and politics


Political memory