September 12, 2022

PTRG Seminar Schedule Now Available

Political Theory Research Group

Seminar Series Fall Term 2022-2023

All seminars take place from 3-4:30 pm. All are pre-read. If interested, please email critique_centre to receive the papers.

Date Presenter Title Room
21/09/2022 Michael Albert (Edinburgh) PTRG-CRITIQUE: Abolitionist Ecological Security CMB 3.15
12/10/2022 Tom O’Shea (Edinburgh) PTRG-CRITIQUE For the Many, Not the Few: Anti-Oligarchic Republicanism CMB 3.15
19/10/2022 Camilo Ardila (Edinburgh) Pluriversal Reconciliation CMB 3.15
09/11/2022 Thijs Keulen (Edinburgh) Workplace Democracy without the Workplace? Workplace & Economic Democracy in the Platform Economy CMB 3.15
16/11/202 Grace Garland (Edinburgh) Climate justice theory in the face of a climate-biodiversity-society nexus CMB 2.15
30/11/2022 Rikke Friis Bentzon (Copenhagen/Edinburgh) Family and Fairness – Against Family Abolition CMB 3.15