Isabelle Darmon

Theory in Sociology seminar 3: After Bourdieu? Reflections on Culture and Critique

Date/Time: Wednesday 12 June, 11am-12.50pm Place: Violet Laidlaw Room, 6th floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building Speakers: Nick Prior, Jade Jiang, Jingbo Ma, Angélica Thumala This seminar and workshop is the third and final event in the ‘Theory in Sociology’ series for 2023-4, hosted within CRITIQUE. The aim is to promote reflection […]

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Theory In Sociology, seminar 2: Logics of capitalism and inequality. 12 March 2024

This seminar is the second one in the ‘Theory in Sociology’ series, hosted within CRITIQUE. Our first seminar explored ‘Theorising the Digital’ in October 2023. This seminar proposes to examine the link between inequality and capital accumulation, how we theorise it in our work, and with what potential political implications. […]

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