October 27, 2021

CRITIQUE Virtual Roundtable Training Environmentally Responsible Students – 27 October 2021, 3pm

Green moss

An initiative of CRITIQUE’s Environmental Working Group.

This roundtable event invites insights from teachers and researchers from a range of subject areas who broadly share an interest in training environmentally responsible students at the University of Edinburgh. The conversation will explore the imperatives, pressures, obstacles, and opportunities experienced by academics interfacing with students against the backdrops of ongoing environmental crises outwith the university, and various curriculum transformation imperatives within. The roundtable is intentionally exploratory and cross-disciplinary, with scholars from UoE representing Sociology; Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies; Politics and International Relations; and Architecture.


Prof Elizabeth Bomberg (SPS, Politics and International Relations)

Dr Rachel Howell (SPS, Sociology)

Dr Eugenia Rodrigues (SPS, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies)

Dr Simone Ferracina (ECA, Architecture)

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