Environmental Working Group

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CRITIQUE’s Environmental Working Group is an initiative that places environmental questions at the centre of its exploration of social, political, and ethical theory. In accordance with the three main pillars of CRITIQUE – ethics, critique, and praxis – the group aims to serve as a collaborative platform for diverse conversations with a distinctive focus on environmental thought. It wishes to create a forum for the ethical and critical analysis of urgent social challenges in conjunction with environmental challenges. We wish to discuss how social and environmental issues are intertwined, how social narratives and ideas as well as policies and practices shape and reshape the natural world, and how the barriers between the natural and the social world can be dismantled. The group aspires to engage beyond academic circles to a wider audience and contribute to current public debates. The group is animated by a shared interest in a number of important themes, including, but not limited to:

  • Environmental ethics and environmental justice
  • Climate change ethics, climate justice, and climate psychology
  • Ecofeminism and eco-Marxism
  • Environmental racism and ecological marginalisation
  • Political ecology and ecological economics
  • Individual and institutional environmental responsibility
  • Environmental diplomacy and environmental activism

Founding members:

Grace Garland

Joseph Conrad 

Recent activities: