January 16, 2024

Methods Workshop with Prof Julian Go – Anticolonial Thought as Social Theory | 9 May 2024

Workshop Description

In recent years, critiques of Eurocentric social theory have proliferated. If is by now clear that conventional social theory is limited, tethered to an imperial standpoint and based upon the experiences of a small part of the world, how to overcome these limitations remains uncharted. How can the biases of dominant social theory be transcended? How can social theory be reconfigured and reinvigorated, unmoored from its imperial orientation? In this workshop, we explore with Professor Julian Go the turn to anticolonial thought as one possible approach. It will sketch how turning to anticolonial thought differs from other possible alternatives to Northern-Eurocentric social theory and consider the promises and pitfalls of excavating anticolonial thinking as social theory.

Workshop is open to PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, academic staff, and PGR students. Participants are required to read this paper ahead of the workshop. Participants may also (optionally) consider this critical symposium on the paper.

Light lunch will be served during the workshop.

Julian Go is Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Chicago; and Faculty Affiliate in the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, & Culture and the Committee on International Relations

Date/ time: Friday May 10 2024; 11:30-13:30

Location: Crystal MacMillan Building, Practice Suite

Registration: limited spaces. Please contact Dr. Jared Holley.

This workshop is held with the support of the Student Development Office at the School of Social and Political Science