December 3, 2023

Resisting Racial Capitalism–Ida Danewid in Dialogue with CRITIQUE-RACE.ED-GENDER.ED–18 January 2024

What does freedom mean without, and despite, the state? In Resisting Racial Capitalism: an Antipolitical Theory of Refusal (Cambridge University Press 2024), political theorist Ida Danewid (Sussex), argues that state power is central to racial capitalism’s violent regimes of extraction and accumulation. Tracing the global histories of four technologies of state violence: policing, bordering, wastelanding, and reproductive control, she excavates an antipolitical archive of anarchism that stretches from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the borderlands of Europe, the poisoned landscape of Ogoniland, and the queer lifeworlds of Delhi. Thinking with a rich set of scholars, organisers, and otherworldy dreamers, Danewid theorises these modes of refusal as a utopian worldmaking project which seeks not just better ways of being governed, but an end to governance in its entirety. In a time where the state remains hegemonic across the Left–Right political spectrum, Resisting Racial Capitalism calls on us to dream bolder and better in order to (un)build the world anew.

With Hemangini Gupta and Mathias Thaler

Date: 18 January 2024


50 George Square Screening Room